Friday, March 26, 2010

Chapter Twenty-Four: Final Weekend

We, the Cast and Crew of Hangman School for Girls, are in our final weekend of performances at Manhattan Theatre Source. If you haven't seen it yet RUN (DON'T WALK!) to this fantastical theatrical endeavor brought to you by a truely talented group of artists.
Thanks so much to all of our patrons who have already come out to show their support!

Buy your tickets HERE.

And catch up on your reading with a few more late reviews hot off the presses this week.
See you at the show!!

"Lucy Gillespie... has a way with dialogue; her ear is uncanny and she is able to perfectly capture the innocent cattiness that tumbles from young school girls almost without their thinking."
"The ensemble of girls do an incredible job"
"Nick Afka as The Desk does an admirable job... heartbreaking and creepy"
"Ms. Gillespie writes well beyond her years"

- Karen Tortora-Lee - The Happiest Medium

Lucy Gillespie is "full of lip-biting hope and festering rage"
"a daring, funny, frank exploration into group mentality and the pain of exclusion"
"all actors, under Leta Tremblay's direction, offer stellar performances"
"a must-see"

-Natalie Zutter, NYU News

And finally, from the Village Voice.

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