Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chapter Twenty: Lend us your ears!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend us your ears!

Your ardent support of Hangman School for Girls has been has been incredibly instrumental in making this production happen.

The cast and crew of Hangman School for Girls are but one week from opening at the Manhattan Theatre Source, where we will have a three week run.

Everything that has happened over the past four months – from the first production meeting through a wild week of gift-wrapping at Barnes and Noble: Naughty British Schoolgirl Night through the Staged Reading: And the day Set Designer Jacquelyn D. Marolt found a gorgeous and authentic vintage school desk by the side of the road – all of these experiences have taught us that it is the LITTLE THINGS that count.

We now look to you to help us count the little things in this final heave-ho. If you have been waiting to make your mark, NOW IS THE TIME!

$5 pays for two copies of Sugar Magazine Props.
$8 pays for one pair of black shoes.
$10 pays for one vermillion red sweater.
$15 pays for one plank of lumber.

To make a donation, please visit either of our producing companies' sites:

Stay tuned for more interviews, press photos, and reviews on this blog including:

PAPERMAG WORD UP! A Stage Notes interview with Lucy Gillespie by Tom Murrin:

"How is this going to be staged?
It's going to be very physical. The director is working with a lot of choreography and movement. We're figuring out now how the desk will move around. Also, with the girls, there's an element of flocking and pantomime. So we're working on that too. A lot of the scenes with the girls are seen through Hazels's eyes, so there is a delineation of the girls as they really are, and how they are seen by Hazel."
And once more, thank you so much for your support. We are looking forward to performing for you!!

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