Monday, February 22, 2010

Chapter Eighteen: The Happiest Medium Interview

Karen Tortora-Lee of The Happiest Medium interviewed Lucy recently on the subject of our upcoming production. What is The Happiest Medium? It's a blog that has this to say about itself:

"Whether your passion is theatre, or your guilty pleasure is trashy TV, whether you love to go gallery hopping on a rainy weekend or just curl up with a great book before you go to sleep, whether you’re a professional shutterbug or an amateur iTunes mix master you’ll meet someone here who shares your passion."

Postcard art by Maya Battle

Look for Karen and Lucy's full conversation at The Happiest Medium. Here's a taste:

"The blurb for the show says “The play is Alice in Wonderland meets Lolita with a little Mean Girls thrown in”. So, can we expect a girl falling down a rabbit hole and sitting at a table having punchy Tina Fey type conversations with a man twice her age who’s trying to have sex with her? Or does it all play out a little differently?

LG: (Laughs) Noooo, it’s not at all like that! When I started writing, it all started with the “Desk” character that Hazel retreats to; an imaginary friendship Hazel develops when she fails to get into the “in” crowd. The Desk is the first character I wrote, and I had in mind the character of Humbert Humbert … The Desk hates it when girls grow up because they are no longer cute, dependent, awkward, and they don’t sit on him properly. But as the play developed, the Desk became more of a companion to Hazel; rather than someone who abuses her or victimizes her. It’s a very pure friendship (at least at the beginning). There are qualities he loves about Hazel. As far as the Alice in Wonderland connection … there are lots of games, everyone plays them. A lot of role play, and a lot of hearkening back to Greek Mythology. As far as Mean Girls, I really just tried to capture that period of time when you’re age 11 – 14 and viciousness is tossed around like rainwater … it’s just in the air all the time, with no thought to it at all."

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