Friday, February 19, 2010

Chapter Seventeen: Visible Soul Interview with the Playwright

Lucy was recently interviewed by Zack Calhoon, a New York actor/playwright graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. The full interview can be found on his blog, Visible Soul.

Here's a preview ((c) Zack Calhoon 2010):

"Tell me about Hangman School for Girls. What’s it like to be going into production on your first full length play?

It is exhilerating. Oh my god. Everyone involved is so damn smart and curious. And I think I'm finally kicking that niggling English modesty habit I have; getting excited to talk about the play, invite people to the play, raise money for the play. And it's even more exciting because other people - smart people - are excited, and involved! Oh my god.

I see you are also acting in the play. Do you find it hard to do “double duty” on this production?

Of course... I read about how Pinter would get cast in his own plays, and he would lose himself absolutely in text-work, character research, director's notes - rebuilding his entire understanding of the play from the character's perspective. Keeping this in mind during rehearsals I have so far discovered many elements of Hazel (my character in Hangman) that I had no idea existed during the writing process. I love rehearsals - I find them incredibly relaxing - like playdates. And after problem-solving and trouble-shooting this play for a year and a half, it's so much fun to get to mess around with it on my feet with other people and their interpretations."

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