Friday, January 01, 2010

Chapter Five: Spotlight on Louiza Collins

Meet Louiza Collins. She plays Anna, an 11-14 year-old girl with a mean streak. Louiza attended the fine "educational" institute known as the California Institute of the Arts. She received her BFA in theater in May of '09. Having become a recent New Yorker she has also become a huge fan of happy hour. Her New York credits include this production of Hangman School for Girls and the world premiere of Unum by Will Eno, directed by Jim Simpson at The Flea Theater.

And the Pivot Extra Credit Questions:

Favorite Word: uniun
Least favorite word: totally
Favorite Sound: Nina simone's voice
Least Favorite Sound: people yelling out of anger
What turns me on: Spontaneous public art
Turn off: pretty much turned on by everything
Favorite curse word: Fuckin-A
Profession I would like to attempt: Own and run a bakery
Profession I would never want to attempt: politician!! Agghhh so scary!
If God exists: "It's fine, everything is fine"

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