Monday, January 25, 2010

Chapter Thirteen: Spotlight on Laura Wiese

Meet Laura Wiese. She is our Costume Designer. Over the years Laura has become the unofficial go-to costume designer for FullStop Collective and she is happy to be working with both Vagabond and FullStop on Hangman School for Girls! Previous costume designs include Girl Words and Diving in December for FullStop Collective as well as designs for such plays as No Exit and The Importance of Being Earnest. Laura is perhaps better known for her work as an actor, singer and voice over artist. Favorite projects include Proof (Catherine), Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz), the national tour of A Christmas Carol, and FullStop's sexy recent production, FOREPLAYS. Laura lends her voice to animation, commercial and narration voice over, having voiced commercial projects for such brands as Clear Eyes and Walmart. Her character voicework was recently showcased on the popular channel of youtube celebrity "brentalfloss". She holds a BFA in Acting from Drake University and is a proud Alumnus of the Eugene O'Neill National Theater Institute. For more on Laura's wide variety of projects check out

Fave word: serendipitously
Least fave word: regurgitate
Turn on: Space and freedom
Turn offs: Narrow minds
Fave curse word: Shit balls
Sound I love: a symphony of strings
Sound I hate: Water, being poured into a glass. I have never understood my hatred for this noise.
Profession I want to try: Anything in Energy Healing: Reiki, Massage, etc.
Profession I DON"T want: Anything in Medical Healing. Rock on to the people who can. I never could.
God: "Welcome to heaven Laura! Here's an ever filling bucket of french fries for you!"

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